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Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club



Evaluation Process for Traveling Program



For the Grade 3/4 (formerly U10), Grade 5/6 (formerly U12) and Grade 7/8 (formerly U14), all teams are traveling teams.  This means that in the Fall and Spring season, four games will be in Lynnfield, and four games will be away against opponents from around Essex County


At the traveling level, teams are formed based on coaches’ input and the input of independent evaluators at or near the conclusion of each season.  Based on the coach and the independent evaluator, players are placed on respective teams.


Players who were age-eligible for the Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club’s traveling program (Grade 3/4 and above) are evaluated in two ways:


1.      Coach evaluation.  These evaluations were compiled from the coach observing his/her players throughout the season.  Players were evaluated on technical skills, tactical skills, athletic ability, mentality, and team play.  A weighting system is then applied to coaches rankings based on the respective levels of teams within an age and gender group.

2.      Independent Evaluation.  Independent evaluators are brought in at the end of the season and observe players during an evaluation session, rating each on technical skills, tactical skills, athletic ability and team play. 


Coaches’ evaluation counts for 80% of the total, while independent evaluations count for the remaining 20% of the total player score.


Player Selection



The review panel (LYSC Board of Directors) meets to review all players at all traveling team levels and, based on adding the ranking scores from the coaches and independent evaluators (players moving up from one age group to the next are also given an additional weighted points), players are appropriately placed on respective teams. Final ranking scores are viewed only by the LYSC board.


The results of team placement remain confidential until the selection of coaches takes place. 


LYSC puts a lot of time and energy into making sure we have a fair system for placing players. Every effort is made to place players to commensurate with their skill level.  One example of this is investing in independent evaluators to provide impartial evaluations of our players.  This is recognized as the best and fairest way to do independent evaluations.


Another example is the time and energy spent to benchmark other towns across the country to ensure we are doing things the best we can. 


There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes so that when coaches and players step on the field, all they have to think about is having fun playing soccer.



Important Travel Team Notes for PARENTS



  1. Team placement for the coming year takes place after the spring season.
  2. All players who are age-eligible for traveling teams must have a spring evaluation score.
  3. Players who do not play in the spring must come to a one-night evaluation session.
  4. Parents must make sure their child(ren) wear the same game jersey number for the entire year.

All placements are final for the Fall Season!



Parents may petition the LYSC board after the fall season for a spring season adjustment.  For parent’s to petition the board in appeal, they must submit in writing, to LYSC Traveling Director a coach’s evaluation and a coach’s recommendation by no later than November 1st .  The appeal will come before the board at the December meeting and be voted on by the board, with a majority vote prevailing.


Important Travel Team Notes for COACHES



  1. Coaches must encourage their players to participate in the independent evaluation session.
  2. Coaches must have their respective player evaluations in on time to be eligible to coach in the following season.