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Welcome New LYSC Board Members!
by posted 09/02/2014

The LYSC Board of Directors would like to thank Diana DeLeo and Michael Palmer for volunteering to join the Board and take over the U6 program. They will oversee the Fall program and continue in developing the Spring teams and program. Welcome!

Thanks also to Eric Curran for his time on the Board as a U6 Director. 

Related: There are currently two open positions on the LYSC Board. We are looking for both an Equipment Director and Indoor Director. If you're interested in either position, please contact Chairman for more information. 

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LYSC September Board Meeting
by posted 09/01/2014

The LYSC Board of Directors will hold the September Board meeting on Tuesday, September 2nd at 7:30PM in the upstairs Meeting Room at St. Paul's church on Summer Street.  All members are welcome to attend.

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New Fields Taking Shape!
by posted 08/22/2014

Note from Arthur Bourque on the field work at Lynnfield High School...

It has been a great week at the fields.  As you can see in the picture, the turf crew arrived this week.  We expected 4 – 6 members of that crew and we got 12.  They started at the middle of the field and began installing panels in both directions.  It became a competition to get them in and they made great progress.  It is an interesting process because there is a lot more hand labor than you would expect an it is brutally hard work.  The field comes with the lines and they work hard to get them exactly placed as I have previously written.  Once all of the carpet is in place they begin the process of cutting out the hash marks, yard marker numbers, soccer center circle, goal box, penalty shot mark and all of the other field markings that need to be installed.  They expect to complete those installations tomorrow and the truck with the sand and rubber infill is expected first thing on Monday.  The process of installing the infill will begin Monday; it involves installing a layer at a time of rubber and sand with a small hopper type machine that they tow around the field with a gator.  It takes numerous passes on the field to complete this operation and it is expected to take two or three days.  We are on schedule to deliver this field on September 1st.

The bleachers arrived tonight on a truck from Buffalo.  That truck is currently in the parking lot of the high school.  We are expecting a crane to arrive at 7 a.m. in the morning and the 10 x 30 prefabricated pressbox is expected around 8 or 9 in the morning.  All of that is being installed starting tomorrow and they will be working over the weekend to complete the bleachers and pressbox installation.  This is expected to be completed by Friday.
In the lower portion of the picture you will see that fields 2 and 3 are progressing nicely.  The concrete crew has six guys on site and they have completed a little over one-third of the nailer.  We are expecting concrete at 7 a.m. Friday morning to continue this progress.  By the end of the day we expect to be close to half done with the nailer for these fields.   All of the aggregate for the stone base has been mixed and is staged at Aggregate Industries waiting to be delivered.  We expect that delivery to start on Tuesday and the crew from White Construction is geared up to get that spread and compacted so the turf crew can move right on to those fields.  However, we are aware that at their current speed they may finish ahead of schedule and will need to come back.  We are currently on schedule to turn over Fields 2 and 3 on September 19th as scheduled.
We had a visit from the Conservation Commission Agent and the consultant today and they approved the work that has been done in the area of the drainage outflows.  These are environmentally sensitive areas that are extremely important to the project and todays approval was a major accomplishment for the team.
The crew from Island Lighting is on the site this week with a generator,  they are connecting to the Musco lights and testing them to make sure they work.  Once the turf is installed it will be much more difficult to get a 100 foot bucket truck onto the site to repair or replace any lights so we are doing it now.  The road will be closed tomorrow so that crew can initiate the installation of the electrical service into the site.  Reading Municipal Light was on site to day so that we could coordinate their efforts with those of our electrical contractor.
Ferante Block arrived on the building site on Monday and they have a substantial crew on site installing the walls.  The progress is very good and you will see the interior walls now being installed before they close up the front.  On Monday we will begin the installation of the septic system for that building and will connect it to the existing system in the school parking lot.
If you look closely at the pictures you will see the stone dust walking trail on the upper right corner of the fields and it runs down the outside of the stadium field.  This will continue around the fields and eventually connect to the rail trail if it is built.
If you visit the site you will see the large hole in the area of the gym doors; this is the location of the handicap access ramp which requires walls that are installed four feet into the ground.  The concrete crew needs to do this but we want them to finish Fields 2 & 3 first.
If you visit the site, don’t be afraid to say hello.

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Lynnfield Youth Soccer Gifts
by posted 09/21/2011

Hey, wondering where some of the kids are getting those cool soccer bags?  Right here!

Order today from our partners at Main Street Sportswear in Stoneham and personalize it with your child's name monogramed onto the bag!  

LYSC and Main Street Sportswear are offering youth soccer items! Visit our online catalog at to review the selections, which include sweatshirts, hoodies, flannel pants, blankets and shirts.  And best of all, a portion of your spending helps to fundraise for Lynnfield Youth Soccer.  


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